RHAM High School

85 Wall St

Hebron, CT, 06248

(860) 228-9474

RHAM High School is the fourth best public high school in Tolland County. The school is located in Hebron but accepts students from several different surrounding areas including Marlborough and Andover. The school has an enrollment of 821 students and a low student to teacher ratio of 12:1. The curriculum is varied and students are able to take one or more advanced placement courses from a choice of over 10. The school prides itself on it’s high standards of education and is a popular choice because of it’s ideal suburban setting. Over 90 percent of all students achieved at or above proficient level grades in all subject areas of the CAPT examinations, well exceeding the state averages.


At RHAM High School they believe the role as educators is to provide all students with the foundation upon which to develop academic integrity, intellectual vitality, emotional maturity, personal wellness, cultural respect, global awareness and personal character. It is their goal that all students will develop into life-long learners who possess the essential core knowledge and the critical, creative, analytical and reflective skills necessary to think, listen, collaborate and communicate effectively.

To achieve this, RHAM High School is committed to working with the community to provide the curricular and co-curricular opportunities necessary to meet the academic, social, emotional, artistic, physical and vocational needs of our students. They are committed to providing instruction which will address differing ability levels, learning styles and interests, and which incorporates task appropriate tools. Additionally, they are committed to providing an intellectually, emotionally and physically safe and supportive learning environment for all students.

Academically the student will demonstrate:
• skills in reading and writing.
• skills in speaking and listening.
• skills in problem solving.
• skills in logical thinking.
• skills in creative expression.
• skills in applying technology and information processing.

Socially the student will demonstrate:
• understanding of the importance of respect for self and others.
• understanding of the importance of appropriate decisions.
• understanding of the importance of personal wellness.

Civically the student will demonstrate:
• understanding of cultural diversity.
• understanding of civic rights and responsibilities.

Hebron, CT

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