Middletown High School

200 Schoolhouse Drive

Middletown, MD 21769

(240) 236-7400

The top ranked public high school in Frederick County is Middletown High School. Situated in the town of Middletown, the school has approximately 1327 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12. It is consistently ranked as one of the top schools not only in the state but in the country. The Great Schools website has recently given it a prestigious 10 out of 10 rating. Newsweek has ranked it as the 410th best public high school in the nation. The school has a high number of students taking Advanced Placement exams, particularly since the induction of their APEX (Advanced Placement Experience) program for high-achieving students. This entails taking at least 6 AP classes starting in their sophomore year. A large majority of students go on to pursue higher education at some of the most prestigious universities in the nation. The school is also renowned for it’s success in several sports including many state championship wins over the years.

MHS is dedicated to “a tradition of excellence — knowledge, creativity, strength, leadership.” All students are encouraged to take the most challenging courses possible and to stretch their abilities in all areas of coursework. In this context the faculty fosters students’ critical thinking skills, problem solving and deep understanding. Emphasis is also placed on providing a healthy and inviting school climate in which all members of the school community understand and practice values guided by respect for others and personal responsibility through the countywide Character Counts! program.

Middletown High implemented the county’s first Freshman Academy to maximize student achievement during the transition from middle to high school. APEX, the Advanced Placement Scholars Program, was established in the 2003-04 school year.

A myriad of opportunities in the areas of sports, visual and performing arts, academic societies, agriculture and club organizations is available to students. While some activities have membership criteria, all are nondiscriminatory, provide projects that relate to classroom instruction, promote physical and social development, and benefit the participants, school and community.

Middletown, MD 21769

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