C. Milton Wright High School

1301 N. Fountain Green Rd

Bel Air, MD 21015

(410) 638-4110

The best public high school in Harford County is C. Milton Wright High School. The school is situated in the town of Bel Air. It is renowned as one of the most academically rigorous schools in the county, and it shows in the outstanding examination results students achieve. All students are encouraged to take at least one Advanced Placement class – and there are 20 different subjects to choose from. Of those who took an AP exam in 2008, 80 percent of them achieved a 3 score or higher. The school is consistently ranked highly in lists of top public schools in the nation. There are currently 1,850 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12 and class sizes are typically around 23 students. Over 60 percent of teachers hold an Advanced Professional Certificate – the highest teaching qualification they can hold in Maryland. As well as excelling academically, many of the sports teams are very successful with many reaching state level.

Visitors to C. Milton Wright (CMW) High School immediately know they are in a very special place. They are greeted by friendly students, helpful teachers, courteous staff, and involved parents. They see that learning is important when talking to students who are respectful, teachers who serve as role models, and administrators who help students become responsible adults. The CMW community celebrates its students’ many academic achievements, cheers for its athletes, applauds its music and drama students, and commits on a daily basis to maintain a friendly, safe environment.

Every year, C. Milton Wright students rise to the top with extraordinarily high Advanced Placement (AP) participation and an equally high percentage of AP scores of level 3, 4, and 5. The students also earn very high composite SAT scores. Classroom instruction allows every group of students to consistently exceed the targets established by state and federal governments.

There is an old-fashioned pride and spirit in C. Milton Wright and the community that reminds many of “the way things used to be” co-existing with a pride in the modern technology used in the school. This is a large school with a large heart. Again, welcome!

Bel Air, MD

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